12 Jan 2014_Sunday

As you can see it was another beautiful day at Water Front Park. It seems I can’t get enough of that place. At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much to paint, but when looking closer and spending a little time there one finds so much to paint. I enjoyed watching the sailboat. They were careening around close to the Water Front Park pier. I saw so many angles of their attack on the wind. Very interesting stuff.

And here you see the view I decided to paint today. It came out pretty well to I might add. A photo of the work will be added in a day or so.

…and another view. I can’t get enough of the lamp posts here in Charleston. I try to add them in as many works as I can. They are a symbol of downtown to me. Reminders of days gone by, but of good times ahead.

…and finally the Pineapple. A couple came by and we talked a bit and one of the things they were looking for was “The Pineapple”. At first they were disappointed because they saw the wading pool first and of course no pineapple. But they were directed to look in the direction off to their right and there it was. They were happy.

So many people met today: from Singapore, Iowa, New York, Philadelphia,¬†Charleston and Summerville. I was offered some good advise from the folks from Summerville about my print “Red”. An observation actually, but I have taken it as good advise and will act upon it. Thank you folks…

…and the ladies from Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. Such nice ladies, two sisters and their mother who just turned 82. They returned to Philadelphia by now. I hope their trip was safe and uneventful.


More to come this week as the Charleston project gets into full swing. Did some good drawings this week as well and they to shall be uploaded later this week. The weather has been acting good, but next week I think I shall meander about Charleston and will set my sights for a new location that looks to need painting. I will be returning to Water Front Park at a later date though, probably many times throughout the year. A great place to relax and meet people.

That’s it for today, and remember to Peace-Out if you can’t Rock-On…