Weekend in Minnesota

This previous week was an interesting week in that I had shots from both Charleston and Minnesota. The Charleston shots were done while I was waiting for a pizza on Johns Island. It turned out to be a real good pizza too.

The Minnesota shots were made when I spent the weekend in Minnesota to see some family. Saw my pop, his wife Ella and my beautiful niece Shannon. Also met Allen, Ella’s son. It was a working weekend sort of, but a nice weekend as well.

The shots are here. Oh yes, I do have many more, but they are of my family and I did not get approval to show them. But maybe another time. For now, Pizza time and morning time in Minnesota. Not many this posting. I just got home from a full day of travel. My poor niece put up with my desire to get to the airport early, (apparently real early), and we had time for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we had wanted to. But she was gracious and was patient with me as we had breakfast at the airport and then we sat at my gate waiting for my flight, (it left first), and we abused each other. I think she won.

We bid each other farewell until hopefully Thanksgiving, and I boarded my flight. So now after a ful day I bid good night to you and hopefully next week a more imaginative and meaningful oration of the images.


As always, If you can’t Rock-On, then Peace-Out,


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