Week afetr Matthew . . .


So it has been two weeks now since I posted. No excuses actually. Yes, Matthew the Hurricane passed thru town. Well, Matthew the tropical storm. Matthew the Hurricane decided not to rear it’s ugly head here. So, instead, we got Matthew the ugly tropical storm. It still did it’s damage to parts of the coast, but thankfully not the damage of a hurricane.

The photos I include today are from my sojourn to the County Park again. It is a nice place and becoming a regular for me. I do need the exercise. I also took a few photos the day after Matthew came thru town, but I may only include one or two of those. I decided I’m not thrilled with some of the ones I took. The compositions are atrocious. Yes, one can change the composition after taking the photo, but what’s the fun in that. If you can’t figure out the issues and problems while on site and taking the photos then what is the sense in studying the art. Technical matters in photography are as important as having an eye for it.

So it goes.

So this weeks photos. My pictorial journal as time goes by. And as always . . .

If you can’t Rock-On, then Peace-Out.


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