A new day…A new year…A new life

I had taken a hiatus, of sorts, for the past few years. I am back now producing art. Portraits, wildlife and cityscapes in oil paintings and photography. The why’s of my hiatus will come out eventually, but suffice to say it involved a loss. One that apparently hit me harder than I ever thought.

However, I am making my comeback with a weekly showing of images in my artistic life. That artistic life includes people, flowers, birds, dogs, animals of all sorts and sizes, (and yes…maybe even cats, although as a dog person I might shudder…). That artistic life also includes magic: the magic of life, the magic that people make, the magic that, well…the magic that just happens

This week I include images of my new back yard. I moved recently not more than 10 minutes away from my old address. I enjoyed that old address. I had a painting studio indoors, a sculpting studio in the garage, and still plenty of room to live. My new abode is much smaller. I do not have a painting studio here, and the garage that comes with it here is full of the things that filled my old home. But progress it is called, so progress I “a-go”.

But I digress. The images included for this week are from my backyard. The apartment I live in now adjoins, or is on, what used to be an old plantation of antebellum South Carolina apparently. Outside my back window I see the drive that used to lead up to the plantation home, the proverbial drive lined with old trees aligning both sides creating an alleyway, or tunnel encased by the canopy of trees. Very picturesque. You’ll see it.

So, Begins my weekly image journal of the week. Although, that being said, I may be late, (or early), by a day or so next week already due to pre-arranged events. However, one can hopefully count on every Sunday a new series of images for the week: photography or paintings I have accomplished.

Hope you have a good week ahead, and as I say to one and all….


If you can’t “Rock-On, then Peace-Out”


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