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Florence Italy_2009

My name is Jon Donohue. I am an artist in Charleston, SC. You may be asking, “Are you from here?”, meaning me, not you, and by here I mean there…from you. Of course, perhaps you may not be asking that. At least, not now anyway.

I was raised an air force brat, born in Modesto California. We moved about every year and a half, all over the country and in Europe. It was a life of constant renewal, a life that my siblings and I grew up with, a life we took for granted. The first concert I ever went to was a Santana concert in Paris when I visited my brother.

Good times . . .

Anyway, after having lived in many and sundry different places I settled here in Charleston, SC. The weather is really good here. It gets a bit nippy in the winter, but very doable. I have had many different careers throughout the years and have settled upon the career of artist. I paint portraits, wildlife and cityscapes. I suppose if one were to categorize me I would be more a Realist who is drawn towards Impressionism. I don’t know what that means either, but it’s for anyone who feels the need to categorize.

My art training is primarily life based beginning in 1970 in Germany when my dad taught me wood inlay. That experience took me to carving, sculpting and finally painting. Today I am primarily a painter in oil and a sculptor in bronze. My traditional art training was accomplished at the College of Charleston. It is still a liberal arts college to the core, and in todays world a rarity and a necessity. I trained in monumental sculpture with Herb Parker and in drawing with John Michel. Experience with these two men will not be forgotten.

The purpose of this blog is many fold. Originally it was, and is, to offer an update on my Kickstarter project “A Year in the Life of Charleston”. This project will record the life of the city, the people, the architecture & the events through the eyes of an artist. This project will create 356 drawings, 12 paintings that are 48″x24″, 12 paintings that are 24″x24″, a limited book edition of all the paintings and drawings (limited to 1670, the year Charleston was founded), and finally a permanent exhibit of all the paintings and drawings in Charleston, (with the exception of four paintings which will be retained by me).

So that was the original intent, but then I realized that this may be a good way for someone to get to know me a little, which means to get to know my works as well. Also this is a place that people can go to and see what I’m up to. Perhaps there is a work you might be interested in as I’m creating it…such as A Year in the Life of Charleston, (which begins Jan 1, 2014…fyi…Rewards to be had for those who might be interested in helping to grant the project).

I enjoy Plein Air painting as well now to. One might find me out and about in Charleston painting. If you see me stop and say hello. I’ll be the one with a brush…and paint…and easel…

So for now I shall leave you to it. I hope you enjoy the read, my web site, but whether you do or not, please have a wonderful day.

As always . . . if you can’t Rock’On, then Peace’Out




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